Renewable energy

Wind Power

Wind power engineering, as one of the renewable energy sources, is an ecological alternative for the conventional power industry. As wind power industry enables countries to increase their power independence, it is currently undergoing dynamic development globally.

At the end of 2014, the total global power of wind power plants came to 370 GW. On a year-to-year basis, the market increased by 16%, altogether providing 51 GW of power.

The power of the Polish wind power plants increased from 85 MW in 2005 to 4117 MW in 2014, which gave Poland 9th place among all the EU member states. In terms of value of the newly-provided power, Poland, with over 518 MW, was the 4th country in the EU.

In 2014, Poland reached the top twenty in a global ranking of wind power market attractiveness. Arriving at the 19th place, Poland outdistanced such tycoons of wind power as Spain or Netherlands. Poland’s high position results from positive assessment of numerous economic and market factors which characterize the Polish market with the currently applicable regulations.

CRE’s activity is an effect of noticing opportunities and potential of wind power engineering in Poland, and the experience and trade knowledge of our team enables effective and profitable implementation of investments. 

The scope of services offered by CRE Group in the area of wind power includes:

  • verification and acquisition of land for single wind power turbines and wind farms
  • analysis of trends present in the spatial development plans and planning situation in the given commune, as well as handling of administrative procedures
  • completing of documentation in order to obtain environmental decisions
  • comprehensive tests and measurements of wind, as well as assessment of wind resources
  • professional designing of wind farms using WindPRO software
  • preparation of technical documentation
  • completion of procedure for obtaining technical conditions of connection to power grid and conclusion of a connection agreement
  • development of power designs for connections of wind power stations
  • completion of procedure regarding conclusion of an agreement and acquisition of a concession for sale and reception of electric power
  • completion of procedure regarding acquisition of construction permit
  • consulting and engineering services regarding construction and commissioning of facilities
  • staff training