Renewable energy

Waste to Energy

Increasing popularity and possibilities of commercializing innovative system and technologies of converting municipal waste into energy herald a new wave of growth in the renewable power industry.

Europe is one of the world’s largest markets of recovering energy from waste. This results mainly from the EU pressure on departing from use of landfill sites and searching for better solutions, which had a direct, positive impact in the market of recovering energy from waste.

Since the beginning of 2012, following the example of developed European countries, Poland has started construction of a new waste management system.

Nowadays, mixed waste usually go to landfill sites without processing. By 2014, 15% of municipal waste weight is supposed to be used economically. Therefore, as of January 2012 communes shall be obliged to make arrangements regarding construction of regional waste management plants. Facilities of this sort are to generate income from recycling and various forms of waste utilization, including production of fuels, power and heat.

According to the market data, the number of waste neutralization facilities in Poland is too low. Many of the waste management plants (WMP) are still at the stage of preparation and construction.

Changes in the waste management market generate an enormous potential of growth in the scope of construction of plants and systems for waste processing and waste to energy, as well as implementation of innovative technological solutions.

As a response to these needs, a Waste to Energy Center company was established in the CRE Group, which constitutes a competence centre in the scope of waste management and development of innovative solutions in the field of Waste to Energy. 

The scope of services offered by CRE Group in the area of Waste to Energy includes:

  • implementation of innovative and effective solutions adjusted to individual needs of domestic and foreign customers in the scope of effective, ecological and safe waste management,
  • supply and implementation of innovative technologies, including original technology of catalytic processing of plastic waste into components for liquid fuels,
  • development and commercialization of proven, innovative technologies of waste management and energy production,
  • providing consultative services based on industry knowledge and extensive experience of our qualified expert team,
  • creation of non-standard commercial solutions adjusted to specific needs, based on optimized efficiency and operational costs reduction in order to maximize return on investment.