Renewable energy

Solar energy

Maturity of the conventional power market and growing problem of the depleting nature of fossil fuels triggered search for alternative sources of power with a positive impact on the natural environment.

The largest, unlimited source of clean power is the Sun. Solar radiation has been used for many years, through photovoltaic systems and solar collector, yet common application of these devices in households was initiated by decrease in their prices, caused by dynamic technological progress and mass production.

At the end of 2011, the global power of photovoltaic systems came to 29.7 GW, which on a year-to-year basis constituted a 77% growth. Almost 75% of the global power, i.e. 21.9 GW, is installed in Europe. The leaders of the global market are Italy and Germany, which, with 9.3 GW and 7.5 GW respectively, hold almost 60% of the global photovoltaic power. At the end of 2011, the total power of photovoltaic systems in Poland was about 1 MW.

CRE Group specializes in provision of solutions in the scope of photovoltaic panels, that is systems which directly convert solar radiation into electric power.

 The scope of services offered by CRE Group in the area of solar power includes:

  • designing, sale and installation of photovoltaic systems which utilize solar power to generate electric energy
  • provision of high-quality solutions based on the best technologies designed in order to offer high productivity, maximum reliability and safe return on investment
  • designing and installation of effective and top quality modules of photovoltaic panels
  • comprehensive expert and technical support throughout all project stages – from investment analysis to installation:
                 - financial analyses of the investment
                 - preparation and compilation of technical documentation
                 - optimization of investment financing process
                 - technical-economic feasibility study for the system
                 - schedule of implementation works
                 - formal-legal service at each stage of implementation
                 - consulting and engineering services during implementation
                 - system testing and periodic inspections aimed to guarantee proper operation of the system