Renewable energy

Biomass Energy

Instability of the raw material market and increase in oil prices intensifies countries’ activeness in the field of searching for alternative sources of energy. The oldest and currently the most commonly used renewable source of energy is biomass, which includes organic matter, all substances of plant or animal origin which undergo biodegradation, i.e. residue from agricultural production, remainders from forestry, industrial and municipal waste.

In the global perspective, the total value of investments in biomass facilities in 2011 came to USD 10.6 billion. The country with the highest installed power is the USA, which has over 20% of the global resources. In Poland, the total power in biomass facilities came to 410 MW, at the end of 2011. In the first half of 2012, 16 MW of biomass power plants were put into operation.

CRE Group  notices the potential of the biomass market. According to all the industry forecasts, this sector will grow at the rate of several dozen percent annually, and taking into account the current trends in the developer and investment market, energy from biomass will gain much more significance in the green power market that it currently has.

The scope of services offered by CRE Group in the scope of energy from biomass includes:

  • assessment of land power potential, including preliminary audit of raw material supply, type of raw material available, possibility of contracting
  • designing of preliminary location with compilation of resource analysis
  • selection of technology
  • preparation of financial plan
  • calculation of electric and thermal power output
  • formal and legal service for the investment at each stage of implementation, to acquisition of construction permit
  • development of local spatial development plant modification and handling of administrative procedures
  • completing procedure of obtaining land development conditions
  • completion of procedure for obtaining technical conditions of connection to power grid and conclusion of a connection agreement
  • development of power project for connection to biogas plant
  • preparation and compilation of technical documentation
  • completion of procedure regarding conclusion of an agreement and acquisition of a concession for sale and reception of electric power
  • consulting and engineering services regarding construction and commissioning of facilities
  • staff training