Investment finance

The long-standing business practice of the CRE team, as well as consolidated and proven partnership relations with institutions of the financial and capital market enable fast and effective advisory on acquisition of capital for development of investment projects.

Taking care of the investors’ and the Customer’s financial safety, we support in organizing financing in a proven formula called Project Finance, which guarantees limited investment and business risk for the projects implemented. The applied cooperation model is a specially dedicated financial solution, perfectly matched with the specificity of enterprises in the scope of renewable power engineering, including wind farms.

The Project Finance formula involves establishment of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), which operates as an independent commercial law entity which obtains the necessary rights and obligation required to implement the project. This method uses financing structure without recourse or with limited recourse to the shareholders of the SPV. This formula does not require external credit worthiness and it is applied in projects which are specified as highly capital-intense.

Effectiveness of the Project Finance model is determined by precisely defined, real future cash-flow, as well as stable an durable project business model, which is an inherent part of project specificity in the renewable energy sources industry.


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The scope of services offered by Centrum Rozwoju Energetyki  in the area of investment financing includes:

  • support in organization of financing for investments related to construction of single wind power stations and complex projects of wind farms in cooperation with Polish and foreign financial institutions
  • professional support in coordination and optimization of the investment financing process
  • support in acquisition of favourable credit for infrastructure which accompanies investments in renewable power engineering
  • solutions in the scope of obtaining direct leasing for construction and operation of systems based on renewable energy sources
  • planning insurance of investments and risk at consecutive stages of implementation (including support in choosing the insurer)
  • building relation between the investor and the financing institution by proper preparation of the project documentation, based on global standards for investment financing
  • business, legal and investment consultancy