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Centrum Rozwoju Energetyki (CRE) is a fast growing company focused on designing, implementation and managing of investments in wind power and other sources of renewable energy.

The core of Centrum Rozwoju Energetyki is a team of experts with long-standing experience in implementation of business and investment projects in the power, telecommunications, IT, automotive, industrial and service sector. CRE is a combination of business practice with industry knowledge and unique organizational and managing competence.

The standards developed by the CRE team, together with proven operating methods are the basis of the projects implemented in the industries of renewable energy and waste management. The strategic goal of the CRE is to achieve the leading position in the market, both in the scope of consultancy and implementation of ambitious investment projects in focused areas of activity. Moreover, CRE takes actions intended to create awareness and popularize knowledge about renewable energy sources and the benefits they provide for the environment and the society.

The Mission of the CRE is to provide the most effective business solutions. We translate our skills and long-term business relations, including knowledge of the financial markets, into creating and increasing the value of our customers’ investments.

Focus on proper understanding of the Customers’ needs and efficient communication. We build long-term relations with the Customers, based on professionalism, responsibility, trust and full commitment.